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Looking For
CD Duplication

Web Traffic For DBSs web sites

1,000 Retail CDs
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Promo One:

Duplicate With Us
And we will put your CD and
three songs on
Apple i-Tunes
for free (min order 500 retail CDs)

Heres a few indie music groups on

Do you want to be
able to
accept credit cards


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Promo Two

DJ with 20 years of entertaining available

EPK with Free i-Tunes For $99.00

Heres what you get:
1) Three pictures (CD cover + 2 band shots)
2) 100 words BIO
3) Your contact infor
4) Movie files on line
5) Opportunity to purchase
radio station @ $2.99

You can do an EPK... but no one knows your name or what type of music you do
our sites below have traffic for a type of music. Check out links for traffic data

6) On a web page that finds your music
As an example Dance, Hip-Hop, Rap on (1,000 people per month)
As an example Regga, Soca  on (2,000 people per month)
As an example Country  on (500 people per month)
As an example Rock,
Pop on (1,000 people per month)

7) Free Apple I-Tunes, CD Cover Three Tunes included

8) Two web sites... One on the above...and one on

Need a model
for a trade show?

A Video Of Your Biz
For Under $300.00

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Promo Three

Did you know that recently over 95% of the singles sent to radio by EMI, WARNER, BMG/SONY, and UNIVERSAL digitally.

Artists such as...
U2 - Shania Twain - Nora Jones - Beastie Boys - Gob - Sum 41 - Jimmy Rankin - Ciara feat Missy Elliot - Avril Lavigne - Keshia Chante - Velvet Revolver - Outcast - Usher - Janet Jackson - Gordon Lightfoot - Britney Spears - Yellowcard - Alicia Keys - Clay Walker - Alan Jackson - Sugarcult - Hilary Duff - Nelly Furtado - Gwen Stefani - Brian Adams - Wyclef Jean - Jimmy Buffett - Billy Talent - Barenaked Ladies - Tim McGraw - JR Vautour - Lenny Kravitz

All went to radio as a broadcast quality digital file.
All used the
DMDS network.

Just Think...

No postage stamps.
No mailing lists.
No packaging hassles.

Heres what radio has to say...

"Many of our company's stations have adopted
Musicrypt exclusively as the standard for receiving music from artists. The service has proven to be a reliable and convenient. Thanks, and best wishes for 2005."

Daryl Stevens, Operations Manager
CFCB Radio, Corner Brook, Newfoundland

"Welcome to 2005...without question,
Musicrypt is the best way to get the music to radio."

Chris Johnson, Program Director/Music Director
CIGM, Sudbury, Ontario

"We've been using DMDS since the very beginning. In fact, it is our preferred method of receiving new music. It's fast and efficient, eliminates packages that go "missing" in the mail, and makes previewing new music so much easier with it all right at your fingertips."

Karen Black, Music Director
QX 104 FM, Winnipeg, Manitoba

You get:
CD quality sound
Instant delivery (right across the country)
30 second preview clip (placed wherever you want it)
A picture of the artist
A picture of the full CD cover (if applicable)
Bio information
Tour date information
Label copy
A link to your website
Contact information is a promo and publicity firm (take out the www put in promo)
or if you like the can also be

We can get your BIO put in a local music paper
Run an
e-mail blast out to the GTA media
Run an
e-mail blast out to the campus radio
And Yes make a little web site

E-mail Us or Call Paul at 416-693-9413

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