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Quick Turn Burned CDs (CD-R)
With Special on 100 CDRs with thermal black print = $1.25 each
With Special on 100 DVD-5Rs with thermal black print = $1.75 each
DVD In Bulk $0.99 CDN$ Full colour

Our Regular Deal For Retail Ready CDs $1.29

Our main feature is "Our Free Graphic Artist Deal"
We now have
12" Record production ( Vinyl )
Quick Turn Burned CDs (CD-R)
Legal Services To
Get Your Music Copyright

Copyright your music
Need a little help but donıt want to spend a lot of cash
Unlimited Phone Consultations
From A Lawyer for $26.00 Per Month

NO Contract..
Stop at anytime
You can call as many times as you like and do it yourself.
Ask how to fill in the form.
Just pay the Government fees..
no legal cost
(other than $26.00)

Services In Both Canada and the USA