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Sending Your Song to Radio?
(If itıs good enough for U2... itıs good enough for YOU too!)


Q: Exactly how much of what we hear on radio today was sent by digital file?

If you listen to Rock, Pop, Country, if you like Easy Rock, Adult Contemporary or Hip Hop, Urban, OVER 95% OF WHAT YOU ARE HEARING TODAY WAS SENT AS A DIGITAL FILE. (Remember EMI, Warner, BMG / SONY, and Universal all used this system long before it was available to the INDIES.)

Q: Most of my airplay will come from radio stations in the smaller cities and towns. Will they accept my single as a digital file?

Yes, radio stations from St. Johnıs Nfld. to Vancouver B.C., from Windsor Ont., to Yellowknife NWT., and all the centers in between, can receive your digital file with no problems. (Rest assured we have
covered all the stations regardless of their location or size.)

Q: Will my single sound just as good as a CD?

Yes, please remember we send out your song as a broadcast quality digital file (not an MP3), so it will sound the same. (P.S. If itıs good enough for U2 it's good enough for you too!!!)

Q: Can I send any other information with my song?

Of course. You can send a photo of the band or artist, a photo of the
full CD (if you have one) bio information, a link to your web site, label
copy information (ie: writerıs name(s), publisherıs name, song length, intro
time, MAPL content), and even your tour date information.

Also weıll set up a 30 second sound clip so radio stations can preview your song before downloading the whole Digital File!

Q: What do you need from me to get started?

               You need an
EPK (made by us) + $2.99 Per station (min 50 stations)

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